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Project Title3D Hair Strand Generation from Mesh Geometry for Virtual Avatars
Track Code2016-075
Short Description
Tagssoftware, 3D hair strand generation, hairstyle repository, animation, virtual humans, virtual avatars
Posted DateAug 4, 2017 6:43 PM

Market Opportunity

Virtual humans appear frequently in various fields such as movies, virtual reality and video games. To create compelling virtual avatars, the digitization of human hair must gather all the details found in an individual’s hair. Human hair presents highly convoluted structures and spans an extraordinarily wide range of hairstyles. Most of hairstyles in 3D repositories are manually created by various artists and gamers. Hair modeling techniques usually rely on expensive capture devices and significant manual labor. Often multiple views are needed to capture the hair strands. Even with all of this, these hairstyles can lack details needed to make them lifelike.

USC Solution

USC researchers have created USC-HairSalon, a large 3D hairstyle database. Each hairstyle contains 10,000 hair strands and look evenly distributed. With this technology, new detailed hairstyles can be produced with minimal effort. Virtual avatars created with this are much more realistic than others available on the market.

Value Proposition

  • Create custom avatar hairstyles with minimal effort
  • Realistic, evenly distributed hair
  • Decreases hairstyle generation time


  • Animation
  • Virtual avatars

Stage of Development

  • Experimentally validated
  • Available for non-exclusive license

Intellectual Property

Contact Information

Taylor Phillips, Licensing Associate

USC Stevens Center for Innovation

(213) 821-0943



File Name Description
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