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Project TitleSoftware for Building Question-Answering Virtual Humans
Track Code3956
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Tagssoftware, virtual humans, natural conversation, interactive, virtual reality, virtual environment
Posted DateAug 7, 2017 4:02 PM

Market Opportunity

Computer-driven interactive virtual humans are increasingly being recognized as useful tools for therapy, training and education. One of the main properties of virtual humans is the ability to support a natural language interaction with the user, understand human speech and react appropriately. Additionally, the design of a virtual human needs to be tailored to the task the character has to perform. As demand for virtual training environments increases, the need to construct the virtual humans quickly and efficiently grows as well.

USC Solution

USC researchers have developed NPCEditor, a system for building and developing virtual characters capable of engaging a user in spoken dialog. The algorithm is designed for language understanding and is extremely robust to errors in the input.

Value Proposition

  • Quickly and efficiently design virtual humans
  • Extremely robust to input errors
  • Capable of fully natural conversations


  • Virtual characters
  • Training and education

Stage of Development

  • Experimentally validated
  • Available for non-exclusive license

Intellectual Property

Contact Information

Taylor Phillips, Licensing Associate

USC Stevens Center for Innovation

(213) 821-0943



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