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Project TitleA Set of Fluorescent Reporters for Screening the Function of Stem-Cell-Derived Beta Cells
Track Code2016-232
Short Description
Tagsinsulin, Fluorescence reporter, diabetes, cell replacement therapy
Posted DateSep 18, 2017 1:22 PM

Market Opportunity

With $465 billion spent annually on diabetes care worldwide, an estimated 370 million diabetes patients can benefit from beta cell replacement therapy. However, the challenge remains in generating sufficient amounts of functional insulin producing cells. Current protocols utilize stem cell sources for deriving pancreatic beta-like cells, but functional characterization of these cells show that most are unresponsive to glucose signaling and unable to secrete sufficient levels of insulin. Further refinement of protocols and functional screening is needed to improve cell maturity and ensure therapeutic effect for patients.

USC Solution

USC researchers have developed a rapid fluorescence reporter system to detect insulin production, packaging, and secretion and glucose responsiveness. Reporters can be easily made into lentiviral or adenoviral particles for transduction into cells. The system is much faster and cost effective than traditional ELISA testing for insulin secretion and only requires wide-field fluorescence microscopy for signal detection.

Value Proposition

  • Easy to handle multi-reporter system to assay stem cell derived beta-like cells

  • Rapid reporting of glucose response and insulin production 

  • Faster and cheaper than using ELISA screening for insulin secretion

  • Bright fluorescence signal is detectable with wide-field microscopy

  • Adaptable for high throughput screening


  • Fluorescent reporters for screening glucose stimulated insulin secretion in stem cell derived beta-like cells

Stage of Development

  • Tested in vitro with stem cell derived beta-like cells 

  • Available for exclusive or non-exclusive license

Intellectual Property

Contact Information

Camilo Ansarah-Sobrinho, Licensing Associate

USC Stevens Center for Innovation

(213) 821-6071



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